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Alevis: Shengal attacks are the continuation of the 73th Edict

AFRIN – The Alevis living in the Afrin Canton regarded the attacks of the AKP-KDP gangs against Shengal as a continuation of the 73rd Edict.

The AKP-KDP gangs attacked the town of Khanasor in Shengal on 3 March, and this attack was condemned by the people living in every part of Kurdistan. The Alevis living in the canton of Afrin also expressed their reaction to the attack.


Citizen Welid Cindo said attacks on Shengal served the interests of the enemies of the Kurdish people.


On the other hand, Renda Mustefa said that along with the resistance, there were betrayals throughout history. “The enemies of the Kurdish people want to repeat the history of massacres by putting their plans into action and to narrow the revolution of freedom. Attacks on Shengal are the continuation of the 73th edict”.


Citizen Comerd Sito condemned Barzani’s politics and cooperation with the Turkish state and expressed that the Turkish state wanted to carry out massacres and bring back the Ottoman period with these attacks.