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All al-Tabqa components to be represented in expanded board


AL-TABQA– The Preparatory Committee for the expansion of al- Tabqa Civil Council met with the religious, national and social components of al-Tabqa and its countryside in preparation for the expansion of the council, which represents all social components and segments.

At a meeting about three weeks ago al-Tabqa Civil Council has decided to expand the council and formed a preparatory committee composed of 29 members to implement the resolution, the council was entrusted with the task of meeting the components of al-Tabqa and its social strata.

In this context, the Co-chair of the al-Tabqa Civil Council, Roshan Hami, responsible for the Preparatory Committee

“During the 18 days of the formation of the Preparatory Committee, we met the Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens and Circassians as well as the tribes to inform them of the mechanism to expand the council and urge them to join the enlarged council.

The preparation for the expansion of the council, after more than four months of its formation on the 15th of May, only 5 days after the liberation of the city, in line with developments and especially that many of the components that had been forcibly displaced, began to return to al- Tabqa.

She added” there are still some components that are have not returned, because the region was liberated recently and we will meet them if they return,”

“They met with the Alawite and Ismaili sect within al-Tabqa city and through them, communication is built with those outside of it,” she said.

The Co–chair stressed that “every Syrian component in the class will be represented in the enlarged council.”

As for the results of those meetings held by the Preparatory Committee, Roshan explained that “there is acceptance of the idea and everyone wants to be represented in the Council.”

As for young people and women, Roshan confirmed

“Women and youth will have a fair representation within the council”.

Roshan called on all the people of al-Tabqa to return home “because the city needs their daughters and sons”.