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Amid high prices, real estate and construction revive



GIRKÊ LEGÊ – Girkê Legê district witnesses a notable refreshment in real estate market with the building sector’s development amid construction’s rising prices as the labors complain about the low wages.GIRKE_PISKTNA_AVAHIA1 ‫(158597633)‬ ‫‬

According to administrative division of Democratic North-Syria Federation, Girkê Legê district is related to Dêrik area, and it is 25 km west of it. Girkê Legê was established as a small village in 1930s, and it expanded in concern to building and turned into a big city in 1990s as it is near Rmaylan city of petrol and it is located at the center of Qamişlo, Dêrik and Tel Koçer’s transportations, it is also the meeting point of the villages related to Alyan area and al-Koçeret areas’ villages. The population of the district is 35,000 at the moment.

Buildings retreated relatively in the city with the beginning of the Syrian crisis because of the siege imposed on Cizîre canton and losing and rising the prices of building materials while the building movement refreshed again during the last year. LEWND MIHEMED

More than 400 building projects

Hawar news agency’s reporter conducted a reconnaissance tour to supervise the building sector and real estate market.

A number of contractors and owners of real estate offices assured that the city is witnessing a reviving of building which has not been witnessed since 20 years in concern  to the number of buildings, real estate market, housings and workshops.

Dozens of building projects are being established in the surrounding of the city and in the neighborhoods as dozens of workers are daily working. GIRKE_PISKTNA_AVAHIA1 ‫(1)‬

The co-chair of Laborers Committee in Girkê Legê Abdullah Suleiman assured that about 400 building projects are being established in the surrounding of the city and inside its neighborhoods and most of them are residential dwellings or shops.

Moreover, liberating many areas especially Manbij city facilitated reaching building materials to the area so building developed noticeably.

The constructor Lawand Muhammad praised the stability and security state which the area witnesses and attributed the development of building sector to the people living conditions’ improvement and people’s  desire to develop their areas as chances of work have been available.GIRKE_PISKTNA_AVAHIA1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

Real estate market refreshment amid rising prices

The development of building in Girkê Legê was accompanied by selling and buying real estate market refreshment as dozens of real estate offices spread in the city. In addition, the Constructors Union and Real Estate Offices Union which were formed by Laborers Union supervise the works of these offices and they are related to the municipality of people. Furthermore, the real estate offices’ owners and also people are complaining about the rising prices of residential dwellings, and the prices are between 6 and 14 million S.P according to the area.EBDELA SILEMAN

The constructors attributed the reasons of buildings rising prices to building materials’ prices and its relation with the dollar.

Job opportunities,  but wages are low

The refreshment of building and real estate sectors provided hundreds of workers with job opportunities while the workers are complaining about low wages.

The worker Hassen Taha said that work is available in Girkê Legê city especially in building while the wages are not appropriate with daily life’ expenses and costs as the worker’s wage is 1500 to 2000 S.P per day.