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An attack foiled, 10 mercenaries killed

AL-RAQQA– The fighters of Wrath of Euphrates operation room foiled an IS attack on the road of Ayed al-Kabeer village, and during the intermittent clashes that are still ongoing, 10 mercenaries were killed at least; 3 of them attempted to attack using explosive belts.

The mercenaries of IS launched an attack using heavy weapons on Ayed al-Kabeer village 3 km south of al-Tabqh city on Tuesday morning at 05:00. The surrounding of the village that was liberated on April 10 witnessed strong clashes between the fighters of Wrath of Euphrates operation room on one hand and the mercenaries of IS on the other hand.

The fighters resisted greatly and foiled the attack of the mercenaries for preserving the civilians.

After the attack was foiled, the mercenaries attempted to launch another attack by 3 mercenaries wearing explosive belts, but the fighters killed them.

The clashes that were witnessed by the area resulted in killing 10 mercenaries at least; 5 bodies of them were kept in the hands of the fighters, 4 Kalashnikov weapons were seized, too. The mercenaries attack was completely foiled at 09:00. The clashes are still ongoing intermittently in the surrounding of the village.