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An Egyptian writer: Erdogan’s end is approaching

NEWS DESK– the Egyptian writer Ahmad Musa considered that whether Justice and Development regime continue ruling Turkey or not, the situation will not stay as it was before the coup, since it will become unstable and this in turn would harm tourism and investment on the long term due to alarums and excursions of the repercussions of Friday night.

Musa wrote an article in “Ahram” Egyptian newspaper headlined” Erdogan’s end is approaching” saying ‘’ what happened in Turkey is the beginning of the fall of the radical system of Justice and Development headed by Erdogan, who appeared before the world defeated, shaken, lacking control of the situation, after the army carried out an unprecedented blitz since his holding of authority, which is not certain to be the last anyway”.

The writer pointed out “ Turkey may be witnessing a civil war after the divisions that took place in the Turkish army, and instructions were released to drop any aircrafts of the opponents of the regime. Thus this is the core of the matter: dividing the army to advocates and opponents, while Erdogan is thriving to revenge participants of the quick revolutionary operation; resorting to every possible method whether legal or not. Besides that, group executions will be witnessed in the army regardless of the officers rank”.

Musa added” donkey years passed before authority and power were regained, many channels stopped broadcasting, the ruling party’s officials were kicked out of many headquarters, the army’s machineries were spread through streets, official headquarters, airports, and the presidential palace,too. Erdogan in return had nothing to do but speak to media via Skype after he lost control of official media.

Musa alos noted “Erdogan will be revenging to spread his absolute control over the army ensuring his loyalty and preventing any possible similar case”. Ahmad Musa continued emphasizing “in the coming few days, the situation will be critical in Turkey in case Erdogan returned, who was on the edge of being arrested and the attempts to terminate his support to global terrorism. Thus, Erdogan will be controlling the situation again and revenging all his opponents even civilians who took to streets for supporting the army”.