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An example of resistance in Şêxmeqsûd

ALEPPO – despite of the attack on Şêxmeqsûd (Sheikhmaqsoud) neighborhood they are resisting and joining the forces defending and they have turned their house into a nursery to break the siege, as well as to cultivate the streets of the neighborhood with flowers.hlb-berxwdan-gele-taxa-sexmeqsud-5

The family of citizen Rashid Abdo 53 years old, consists of 4 children and his wife, they have lived in Şêxmeqsûd neighborhood for 25 years, and one of the families that resisted in the neighborhood despite the attacks of the coalition and remains of Kurdish National council.

Joining the ranks of YPG to repel the mercenaries’ attacks

Two youths named Ala‘ Abdo and Ocalan Abdo from the family joined ranks of YPG a year and a half ago and now they stationed in battlefronts of the neighborhood doing their duty defending the neighborhood.

On February 16, the neighborhood witnessed shelling by mercenaries and remains of the Kurdish National council which left dozens of civilians killed and wounded, so general alarm was declared by the Democratic Society Movement to defend the neighborhood.hlb-berxwdan-gele-taxa-sexmeqsud-4

The father Rashid Abdo responded to the general alarm to be a third person in his family  joining the efforts to defend the neighborhood and since then until now he has not given up his point and made his spirit and body an armor to protect people in the neighborhood

They insisted on staying and planted nursery

The continuous attack on the neighborhood left damage on houses and buildings, in addition to siege, but the family insists on staying and have made their house nursery for several types of vegetables and ornamental plants to boost morale and break the siege. hlb-berxwdan-gele-taxa-sexmeqsud-3

Pledged to withstand

Rashid Abdo considers the attacks aim at emptying the neighborhood saying” we have been subjected to violence, shelling, siege and deprivation by mercenary groups, a day would not go by without hearing the sounds of missiles and all this to empty the neighborhood so that they enter into the neighborhood instead of the native population”.

Rashid concludes saying “we will stay in the neighborhood and we will defend it at any cost.”



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