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An explosives repository found west al-Raqqa

AL-RAQQA- Syrian Democratic Forces have found an explosives repositroy in al-Sabahiyah nighborhood west of al-Raqqa city.

Syrian Democratic Forces are continuing combing and clearing the liberated neighborhoods from IS gangs west of al-Raqqa city. During combing, fighters have come across an explosives repository in al-Sabahiyah neighborhood which contained mortars of 120 mm filled up with explosives, around 10 km of IEDs, medical cylinder filled up with TNT.

The fighters have also found a bombed room, Syrian Democratic Forces engineering teams are working on dismantling these explosives.

Al-Sabahiyah neighborhood lying west of al-Raqqa was liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces on June 9th, al-Sabahiyah neighborhood is one of the biggest neighborhoods in al-Raqqa city.