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An important statement by MMC


MANBIJ- The Military Council of Manbij and its countryside released a statement to all Manbij people who are participating in the Euphrates Shield saying” if they abandon the Euphrates Shield, we assure them secure return to their houses, and they can join us if they wanted under the umbrella of Manbij Military Council, this resolution is valid for a month from its issue”.

This declaration comes in a statement was read by Manbij Military Council commander-in-chief.

The statement is:

In the context of the resolutions taken by MMC in its usual meeting held on March 17th with the presence of commanders and members of the Manbij Council.

“We in Manbij Military Council declare to open the doors wide for Euphrates Shield formations’ participants to return and assure them security, they can also join MMC, this resolution is valid for a month from its issue”.

We also assure everybody that Manbij and its countryside are under the protection of MMC, any circulation or push for any other party or forces whatever it is, is prohibited, those involved will be held accountable for their deeds”.

We assure our people in Manbij and its countryside our commitment to protecting Manbij against any attacks.

The general command of Manbij Military Council