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Angela Merkel takes advantage of lifting immunity of HDP parliamentarians

NEWS DESK– Angela Merkel, getting ready to visit Turkey, expressed her worries about lifting immunity of HDP parliamentarians.

Merkel said in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Sonntag weekly magazine on Sunday May 22 that developments in Turkey are causing great fears. And expressed that she is extremely worried about lifting immunity of an enormous number of opposing parliamentarians and that will have drastic consequences on Kurdish politicians, according to RT.

The German consultant added’’ we will put on the table the sensitive sides of development of any country either in public or secret meetings’’ and stressed that she is watching keenly how Turkey is implementing its commitments.

It is supposed that Merkel meets with Ardogan next Monday in Turkey, and will attend an international summit about humanitarian aids.

Meanwhile, Merkel declarations come as the German government turns a blind eye to AKP crimes in Bakur Kurdistan, and ignores the EU and UN demands of not implementing the treaty signed between Turkey and EU concerning the Syrian refugees, which could be considered a political investment to drag Turkey to concessions in the refugees case.

Turkey and EU has signed recently a treaty which could help in reducing the number of refuge-seekers in Europe.