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Another citizen was injured as a result of artillery shelling of Hikja village


AFRIN-The number of wounded from the bombing of the Turkish occupation on Afrin reached  to 5 civilians, after the injury of another citizen from Hikja village related to Jindrissa area.

The artillery of the Turkish occupation army today,bombarded  different areas of Afrin canton, including Afrin city and Hikja village in the area of Jindrissa, wounding three civilians, Ameen Rashid, Yusef Mohammed Tarshou and citizen Luqman Bakr, also  the reporter of Sama  channel Haitham Mohammed Kzo.

Also the citizen Hussein Radwan of Afrin City martyred, and the citizens Huraiya Abd al-Hamud Hajjar and Fahmiyya Hamadeh.

The number of wounded rose to five, wounding 30-year-old Salah Mohammed Tana.