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Another girl kidnapped in al-Shahba

AL-SHAHBA – After the Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries kidnapped a girl from a poor family in al-Bab area for a 3 million S.P. a ransom of, her family has been able to amass the money and rescue her. Moreover, torture marks were visible on her body.

The Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries are still evoking people and carrying out immoral practices against women and civilians in al-Shahba area. This time, after the girl Iman Muslim was raped and killed, the occupation mercenaries have kidnapped another girl from a poor family in Barshaya village in al-Bab for a ransom of 3 million pounds.

A source from al-Bab area stated that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped a 20 years old girl from Barshaya village in al-Bab north of Qabbassin town and east of Susinbat occupied village, and demanded a ransom of 3 million S.P.

The source also stated that the mercenaries recorded the girls’ voice while she was being tortured on their hands, and sent the recording to the girl’s family threatening them to pay the ransom or they would kill the girl.

The family gathered ransom by their relatives and the villages’ people help, and they paid the ransom and rescued the girl, but the torture marks were visible on her body.

Free Women Union in al-Shahba area demanded women organizations and constitutions to work for rescuing al-Shahba women and guaranteeing their rights in the conflict zones.

This is the second act of kidnapping and behaving immorally against al-Shahba women, after the accident of raping and killing the girl Iman Muslim who was 24 years old from Qubet al-Sheikh, and whose corpse was found in a well inside the village.