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Another group of liberated villages citizens joined SDF



AL-RAQAH – After the liberation of their villages, a number of people from Jabar al-Sharki and al-Gharbi villages joined the Democratic Syrian Forces.

In December 25-26, 2016 the fighters of Wrath of Euphrates liberated Jaabar Sharki and Jaabar Gharbi.REQQA-SIVIL-GOND-CEBER-TEVLI-QSD-DIBIN6

After the two villages were liberated, they were wholly combed and repopulated by their people, who did not hesitate to join SDF after liberation soon.

According to a number of the jioning fighters, their hope to liberate their city from the hands of ISIS encouraged them to join SDF.

The citizen Abdullah said “Because of the oppression of the mercenaries and the fright that they left in our children’ hearts we decided to join SDF, and the aim of this is to protect our land and honor, and we hope to liberate our land from the mercenaries of ISIS.

The citizen Abdul Hakeem said ” If we would not protect our land, who would protect it? So we should defend our land. He called the villages people to join SDF.

1,500 fighters of the liberated villages in the first stage of Wrath of Euphrates joined the second stage of the campaign that was declared in December 10.