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Another IS attack foiled, 44 mercenaries killed since Tuesday


AL-RAQQA- Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters foiled the second attack that was launched by IS mercenaries with a group of booby-trapped vehicles and motorbikes in Nazlah Shuhadah neighborhood during morning hours, and 14 mercenaries were killed among them 3 were killed by mines planted by them.

Since Tuesday night till Wednesday morning hours, fierce clashes have broken out between SDF and IS mercenaries. The mercenaries attempted to launch an attack using booby-trapped vehicles and motorbikes in order to obstruct the fighters advance in Nazlah Shuhadah neighborhood which is south of the city.

After midnight, the mercenaries attacked several points of SDF fighters in the liberated part of the neighborhood with 3 booby-tapped vehicles and 2 booby-trapped motorbikes while the fighters destroyed all of them and foiled the mercenaries’ attack.

The battles erupted during night hours resulted in killing 14 mercenaries as 3 of them were killed by mines which have previously been planted by them in Nazlah Shuhadah neighborhood amid the fighters’ progress in the neighborhood.

Since Tuesday, the mercenaries have attacked SDF fighters’ points in Nazlah Shuhadah neighborhood with 6 booby-trapped vehicles and 2 motorbikes as 44 mercenaries were killed during the attacks among them snipers and Amirs. In addition, the fighters seized an amount of weapons and ammunition.

Moreover, clashes are ongoing in Old Al-Raqqa neighborhood which is eastern of al-Raqqa and al-Barid neighborhood western of the city.