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Another village liberated in Deir ez-Zor’s countryside

DEIR EZ-ZOR- Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) have liberated another village in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor city, a vehicle was also destroyed as the SDF fighters as they continue their advance within al-Jazeera Tempest.

In this context, al-Jazeera campaign launched to liberate Deir ez-Zor province is continuing as fighters have advanced one km in the Mercada axis towards Kubra village south of the Mercada town.

In Sor axis, the fighters liberated Qawish Limulhi village north of Sor town from IS mercenaries, during the clashes, a body of the mercenaries was captured.

In the Jazrat axis, IS gangs tried to launch an attack with a bomb-laden vehicle on SDF points, but fighters managed to destroy it before reaching its target.

Meantime, IS gangs launched an attack at 00:30 on Conico company, fighters repelled the attack resulting in violent clashes between the fighters and the mercenaries, fighters managed to foil the attack killing 2 mercenaries and a body was also seized by the fighters.

In a relevant concern, the clashes continue in al-Sawa village 24 km northwest of Deir ez-Zor which is besieged by the SDF fighters.