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Arab clan’s sheikh: Afrin’s clans will respond to Turkish occupation attempts


AFRIN – A member of the Legislative Council and one of the leaders of the clan Boubani Sharif Jamou described the Turkish occupation army’s schemes in the north of Syria, especially in Afrin as inevitably entering a quagmire, stressing that as Arab tribes will be one hand with the rest of the components in the face of the Turkish occupation.

The Hawar news agency in Afrin canton interviewed a member of the Legislative Council and one sheikh of the Boubani clan Sharif Jamou to talk about violations and threats by the Turkish army to enter and occupy Afrin canton.

At the beginning, Sharif denounced the attacks of Turkish mercenaries on the border of Afrin region, and pointed out that the occupation of the Turkish army of the Idlib city came to threaten Afrin and bring danger and intimidation to its people and occupy the canton.

During his speech, Jamou regrets the participation of many parties hostile to the people of North Syria in supporting the Turkish occupation to enter Idlib, saying
“Unfortunately, there are many international conspiracies and some anti-peace parties have joined Turkey in the occupation of Idlib. Their common purpose is to reach Afrin and occupy its territory through besieging Idlib.”

Sharif Jamou, in the name of all the Arab tribes in Afrin addressed the Turkish occupation saying “On behalf of all the tribes in Afrin, with one voice, we say this to the occupation of the fascist Turkish occupation, and not that we are one hand in fighting the occupation and repelling it.”

Jamou concluded saying “The Turkish army, through its threats to Afrin, plunges itself into a quagmire that it cannot escape, because the peoples of the area have a free, unbreakable will and that is the peaceful will of all peoples.”