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Arab League Secretary praises federal system as a solution

NEWSDESK– Secretary of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said it is essential to maintain the Syrian state and the establish a federal system within a democratic framework, giving Bashar al-Assad guarantees that he will not be taken to trial.

Secretary of the Arab League said in a TV interview with the channel of Today, and said in the beginning that the Syria crisis is very complex due to the intervention of many international and regional parties as well as sectarian plurality for the Syrians and the intervention of a number of neighboring countries into Syria during the crisis .

Ahmed Aboul Gheit noted to the necessity of mutual understanding of preserving the Syrian state and the establishment of a federal system, where regions would enjoy self-rule, providing that teh center is in Damascus in a democratic framework, and stepdown of Bashar al-Assad and give him guarantees that he will not be prosecuted at the International Criminal Court.