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Arab National Body celebrates its 6th founding anniversary


QAMIŞlO- Under the slogan “Syria is the homeland of all”, Arab National Body in al-Jazeera canton organized a celebration of the 6th anniversary of its founding.QAM-DESTIA NŞTEMAI IYA ERBA ŞAHI JPO SER SALI (2)

Representatives from political parties and social organizations from the Arabic tribal leaders, members of the High Commission for Negotiations in al-Jazeera canton, as well as members of civil institutions and dozens of people participated in the celebration.

The celebration began with a minute of silence and then the poet and member of the Arab National Body Mishal al-Tai gave a poem.

The head of the Arab National Body, Mohamed al-Bunyan, said “Since the beginning of the crisis in the country, the people of north Syria have achieved many achievements. As an Arabic stratum, we work with all the components in north Syria, and everyone who has a project that serves the country.

In response to Bashar al-Assad’s statements, in which he described Syrian Democratic Forces and all those who support them and deal with them as traitors, al-Bunyan said in his speech “We will not be traitors and we will never be traitors.”

On behalf of the Arab tribes, Hassan al-Farhan praised the role of the Arab National Body and its national positions during the revolution. He said that the body worked to represent the Arabic component because of their pioneering role in developing the society towards prosperity and adapting to the requirements of the sensitive stage in the region.

Al-Taii continued in his speech and added that the basic and great respect is for the blood of the martyrs and everyone who took up arms and defended the dust of this homeland. We raise the hat and lower the Agal in honor of that pure blood.

After completing the words, greetings and congratulations sent by various political parties and organizations on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of the establishment of the Arab National Body were read.

The celebration ends with the popular arabic songs by the audience.