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Arab tribes’ elders: excluding North Syria people, their meetings will continue to fail


AFRIN – The clan elders of al-Bou Bannah clan described the meetings such as Geneva, Astana and Sochi in a dramatic series that they delude the people they are seeking to end the crisis. They stressed that the meetings’ fate will be failure by excluding the North Syria peoples.SERIF CEMO

There is a series of meetings between parties that claim finding solutions to the Syrian crisis being held, but when we look at the real application, we see the opposite. The war in the region is increasing as each party seeks to achieve its own interests, about this subject Hawar news agency has met with the clan elders in Afrin canton.

“But it always ends up failing, which explains why these parties do not want to end the crisis,” said Sharif Jammu, a member of al-Bou Bannah clan and a member of the Legislative Council, also said that the   meetings such as Geneva rounds and Astana meetings as dramatic series to delude the people that they are seeking to put solutions to Syrian crisis

“Under the peaceful co-existence between the components of North Syria circumstances within a system that directs these nationalities, some anti-democratic parties are trying to exclude the components of North Syria from participating in these meetings because it is certain that by their participation they will produce solutions that embrace the peoples of the region.”

For his part, Abdo al-Mukhtar of the same component and clan said “meetings which claim to develop solutions to the Syrian crisis to increase numbers and change their names, so it is futile, and as long as these parties exclude the participation of the components of North Syria, they are doomed to fail.”EBDO EL-MIXTAR

In his speech, al-Mukhtar called on the international community calling for solutions to the Syrian crisis to reconsider the parties participating in the meetings. He pointed out the need for the participation of the components of North Syria in such meetings, describing them as peoples who have proved themselves through victories,  and co-opted under the umbrella of Democratic Nation project.