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Arab women finish a course of training

AD DARBASIYAH- Democratic Society Academy in al-Darbasiyah has finished a course of training for Arab women in Ad Darbasiyah city. dirbesiye-bidawibuna-perwerde-3

Meeting the requests of Arab women, Democratic Society Academy in al-Darbasiyah had begun an open course of training in al-Mabrouka village which is 20 km from the city, and 25 women joined the course.

The course lasted for 10 days during which the trainers have received lessons about “the importance of training, patriotism, culture, ethics, the essence of command, democratic nation, Rojava and Syria revolutions, women history, joint life, and the rightful defense” as the lessons were given for two hours a day, and the course was concluded yesterday.

ANHA has met Mahdiya Feisal Diab one of the participants in the course and she said” we asked the commune to open a special training course for us, Democratic Society Academy met our request”.   dirbesiye-bidawibuna-perwerde-1

Mahdiya Diab pointed out that they learned about their history, and women are the spring of culture and perspectives who could prove herself in every possible domain.

Mahdiya appealed to Kurdish and Arab women to join the training courses in order to get to know their truth in the beast way, and to be qualified enough to undertake their tasks and duties in society.

Mahdiya thanked finally Democratic Society Academy in al-Darbasiyah for meeting their request and opening this training course for Arab women.