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Arab women joining has changed the society



AL-RAQQA- Fighters of YPJ who are participating in Wrath of Euphrates campaign said that the Arab women joining Democratic Syrian Forces achieved a great progress in the society. REQA-YPJ-JINEN-HEMU-CIVAKAN-HEMBEZ-DIKE (1)

With the coming of the International Woman Day, the YPJ fighters participating in the Wrath of Euphrates campaign talked to Hawar news agency.

The fighter Berivan Amara said the Arabic society is very conservative about women freedom matters “the Arabic society strangles women existence in the society and obliges them to marry at an early age”.

Berivan Amara also said “a huge number of Arabic girls joined YPJ and SDF for liberating their society. The women who join are trained, and by training, women get confidence, determination, and power. After that, they fight courageously against the mercenaries of IS, and struggle for women’s freedom”.REQA-YPJ-JINEN-HEMU-CIVAKAN-HEMBEZ-DIKE (2)

Another fighter of YPJ Khwinda Furat talked about the development the North of Syria after YPJ, SDF constitution, and said “North of Syria witnessed a great progress on the society level, and the number of the Arabic women participating in these forces increased. Women made much efforts and struggles for the sake of liberating women and society”.

Khwinda Furat also said that YPJ fighters proved for the whole world their intellectual and military development and their struggle for the sake of freedom. We call for all women in the world to raise their voices against domination to release themselves from oppression and domination.REQA-YPJ-JINEN-HEMU-CIVAKAN-HEMBEZ-DIKE (3)

In the end Khwinda said that their aim is not just fighting IS’ mercenaries, rather, the main aim is raising oppression from all women. ” we would continue struggling to turn 2017 year into the year of women freedom in North Syria and the year of liberating all al-Raqqa women”.

The fighter Aryan Judy from Jarablus and joined YPJ 9 months ago. Aryan said that she joined YPJ for achieving women freedom. “I grew up in the village, and we suffered much in our lives, the women in our community were dealt with as a slave, women also were deprived of education and dedicated to home activities. while with the appearance of YPJ, these concepts have been changed, and the Arabic society also was affected by these changes. Our families point of view changed, the society point of view in general also changed. Our struggle would contribute in liberating all women and the society too”.