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Arabian women to partake elections as candidates, voters



NEWS DESK-The Women’s Bureau in the Arabic National Body contributed to explaining the system of democratic federalism within Arab-majority areas, in addition to clarifying the role of women and the importance of their participation in the system of democratic federalism and the elections of the communes.

The Arabic National Body is one of the main blocs within the system of the democratic federalism of northern Syria, and has contributed greatly to explaining what the system of democratic federalism among Arabic tribal tribal and sheikhs in the area, and the women Bureau urged Arabian women to participate in the electoral process as candidates and voters.
Abeer Abboud, member of the Executive Committee of the Federal Democratic Council of the Arabic National Body, explained that representing the Arabic component, they have a great role within the democratic federalism. The body has held several meetings with the Arabic tribes in Cizîre region to urge them to participate in communes co-chairs’ elections for Cizîre region and rest of regions of North Syria, scheduled for September 22.

Abeer Abboud noted that as women in the Arabic national body, we held several meetings with women in Arab-majority areas to explain the importance of the role of women in the electoral process as candidates and voters.

Abeer Abboud stressed that the Arabic component in the area is welcoming the federalism experience even more than the democratic autonomous administration. She pointed out that Democratic Autonomous Administration has achieved great success and women played a leading role in all fields. These successes were reflected directly on Arabian women. The importance of their role and participation in the system of democratic federalism.

“On this basis, the demand of Arabian women to apply for the co-chair of the communes in areas where Arabic majority prevails was remarkable” Abeer Abboud said.

“We held a series of meetings in Tel Koçer district and Tel Berak and explained that the participation of Arabian women in the democratic federal system is very necessary,” said Abeer Abboud, addressing some difficulties in some Arab-majority areas such as Tel Koçer and Tel Berak.

Abeer Abboud explained that they, like the Arabian Women Bureau, have a great influence on Arabian women in the area, and their meetings have had a great impact and succeeded in persuading and encouraging Arabian women to participate in the electoral process for the co-chairs of the communes .

Abeer Aboud appealed to all women in the area, especially the women of the Arabic component, to play their leading role and participate in the electoral process. “Society need women in the first ranks in all fields of life,” she said.