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Arabic fighters challenge traditions and face ISIS in al-Raqah



AL-RAQAH- The victories that were achieved by YPJ have positively reflected on the Arabic society in general and women in particular, and motivated them to join the units and effectively participate in al-Raqah fronts.RONAHI ‫(1)‬

YPJ victories on the mercenaries of ISIS in areas as: Sareen, Tal Abyad, and al-Shadady, formed a strong motivation for Arabic women to join.

Despite of the obstacles that face women by the male society tradition, a vast number of women challenged those traditions and broke the barriers, and they are participating in Wrath of Euphrates campaign to liberate al-Raqah which is considered the so-called capital of ISIS caliphate.

A reporter of Hawar news agency met a number of the Arabic fighters in YPJ.LEYLA SITERK

The fighter Layla Esterk said “we grew up in a society where unfair customs and traditions against women prevailed and also the oppression of the mercenaries of ISIS deprived us of our right in this life, so that joining YPJ was the most appropriate solution for us to get strong will and free thought. After joining YPJ, the Arabic society has been much affected and that was strange for them, and they did not expect that we would be able to carry weapon, but after the truth of Arabic girls fighting ISIS was revealed their attitude and confidence has changed.

The fighter Layla Esterk continued “after I joined YPJ, many of my friends have been affected, that motivated them to join YPJ and we as Arabic women are proud to defend our rights”.

While the fighter Beritan Judi stated that she recognized YPJ 3 years ago, but the barrier that prevented her from joining was ISIS domination on her city Manbij.

Beritan added “after Manbij city was liberated, I joined YPJ. She assured that the reason of her joining was to constitute another life that she would have a strong will and protect women dignity themselves to release them from authorized mentality and build a free nation.

The two fighters Layla Esterk and Beritan Judi concluded calling all Arabic women to challenge customs and traditions and join YPJ.



BERITAN CUDI RONAHI ‫(387197885)‬ ‫‬