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Arabic National Body: We will be soldiers against Turkish aggression

QAMIŞLO- Arabic National Body said that the attacks of the Turkish state on Afrin are “to block the political solution in Syria,” and confirmed that they in the body stand by the people of Afrin and said “We in the body will be soldiers carrying arms against this aggression.”

Arabic National Body issued a written statement to the public opinion regarding the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on Afrin, a copy of this statement reached Hawar news agency.

The Body said in its statement that Syria’s Democratic Forces have achieved great victories and liberated large areas of Syrian geography from ” terrorism” in cooperation with the International Coalition and coordination with the Russian Federation, and contributed to the maintenance of security and stability in the region.

It pointed out that the political forces in north of Syria worked in parallel to establish local administrations by the people of the liberated areas to manage them.

“After the start of the solution to the Syrian crisis, the effects of this anger on the government of Erdogan decided to mobilize its forces and assault on the sovereignty of the Syrian state through its barbaric shelling on Afrin and the massacres against our people there to restore the scenario of the occupation of Grablus and al-Bab.”

It explained that the Turkish attacks on Afrin come “to block the political solution in Syria.”

The Body called on the International Coalition and the Russian Federation “to stop this aggression and end the Turkish occupation of Syrian land and non-interference in our internal affairs. We as Syrians have a free national decision and reject all foreign dictates that destabilize our country.”