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Aref: elections’ success means occupation failure


AFRIN– A member of the Executive Committee of the Northern Syrian Council Rohlat Aref said that the escalation of the Turkish occupation of his attacks on the region of Afrin aim to thwart the presidential elections for co-chair of the communes , and pointed out that the success of these elections would strike the occupying forces.

This came during an interview conducted by our agency with a member of the Executive Council of the Northern Syrian Council, on the recent attacks on the region of Afrin by the Turkish occupation.

Aref said at the beginning of her speech that the federal project took bold steps in the recent period and continued “two years ago, the people of northern Syria gave rein to themselves and introduced the federal project as a bold step. Before that, the people officially declared this project and found the solution to the Syrian crisis. Therefore, the hard-liner and occupying forces tried to thwart this project, as the Turkish state and all forces on the land of Syria show hostility to this project. “

Rohlat pointed out during her talk that “the occupation forces always monopolize everything and try to make use of everything to serve it. This is what the Turkish occupation army is doing. The people of northern Syria are trying to prove they have a will and sense of management,” Rohlat said, but trying by all means to prevent it. “

Aref noted that the escalation of the Turkish occupation of its strong attacks in recent times indicates his fear of these elections and wants to empty it of its content “after the declaration of this area  as region within the Northern Syrian federation and in conjunction with the upcoming co-chair elections for the communes stepped up the Turkish army’s attacks on the region of Afrin, In the canton of Afrin or the canton  of al- Shahba, and this indicates that the Turkish occupation is afraid of the elections, so the attacks are launched to thwart them and continue his plans for occupation.

Rohlat said that the success of the elections would be enough to drive Turkey out of Syrian territory. “Everyone would know that the success of this upcoming election means thwarting the occupation projects. It will be enough to get Turkey out of Syrian territory and it will overshadow parts of other Kurdistan.”

At the end of her talk, member of the Executive Council of the Northern Syrian Council Rohlat Aref touched upon Turkish attempts by various means of war to instill fear in the hearts of the people, while calling Rohlat people not to be fooled by the tricks of the Turkish state and contribute to the success of the elections.