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Arî Kindergarten opened in Girkê Legê 

GIRKÊ LEGÊ- Free Women Association in Rojava opened a kindergarten in Şehîd Cudî Dogan commune in the name of Arî Kindergarten during ceremonies.

Aiming at forming an aware generation, and developing the children’s skills and talents in addition to helping the working mothers, Free Women Association has opened in Şehîd Cudî Dogan commune in Girkê Legê a kindergarten in the name of Arî during ceremonies where dozens of children, the communes’ administratives and members in addition to the administratives in Şehîd Baz Institution and the members of Kongra Star in Girkê Legê attended.

During the ceremonies, the administrative in the Free Women Association Office in Girkê Legê Bêrîtan Ahmad talked and congratulated all the children on opening the kindergarten noting that the kindergarten was opened at the request and need of children to learn the letters in Kurdish and Arabic in addition to teaching them Music and singing to develop their cultural aware and talents.

After speeches ended, the opening band was cut by the mother of the martyr Cudî Dogan.

It is worth mentioning that Arî Kindergarten is the second kindergarten opened by Free Women Association in Girkê Legê area.