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Arîn Mîrkan festival: chance to show women’s talents


AFRIN- The second festival of Martyr Arîn Mîrkan for Young Women in Afrin canton is showing the role and identity of young women in Afrin and Aleppo city. Moreover, the festival gave the chance to hundreds of women to bring their talents to light.  EFRIN-HEVDITEN-DERBAR-FEZTEVALA-JINEN-CIWAN ‫(1)‬

The martyr Arîn Mîrkan is an YPG fighter who carried out a heroic commando operation during Kobanî resistance to become a symbol of resistant woman against terrorism and an example for all women.

On May 23, the activities of the second festival of individual games for young women started under the slogan “By the Philosophy of the Leader Apo, Young Women Organize Themselves and Boot Their Love for the Homeland”, and the festival continued in an enthusiastic atmosphere for 4 days successively.

More than 300 young women from Afrin canton and Aleppo city participated in the festival for the first time, and the age of the young women were between 16 till 25. In addition to that, representatives of many institutions and organizations of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) and youth institutions in addition to hundreds of canton youths.

The festival is held for the second year successively in an attempt to show women roles and energies in many fields including art, culture, sport, and to assure that young women are able to play their roles in different life fields and their roles are not limited to studying and holding weapons only.EFRIN-HEVDITEN-DERBAR-FEZTEVALA-JINEN-CIWAN ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

The festival was opened by a speech delivered by Arîn Mîrkan’s mother. Then, the activities of the first day which included competitions in poetry, drawing, crafts, and various cultural competitions in addition to popular food have started. Moreover, more than 150 young women from Afrin canton participated in the competitions.

The activities of the second day continued successively by singing show, folkloric dances, and theatrical performances in addition to folkloric cloths, and about 26 young women from Shieh, Jendairs, Bulbul and Mobata districts participated in them. The theatrical performance was majorly about violence against women.

In the third day, the young women’s roles in sport field was shown as women generally were away from this field, and it was restricted to men only. The festival could manifest the young women’s role during their participation in chess, football and table tennis games.DELAR DICWAR

The activities of the festival in the fourth day were concluded by a basketball match, and honoring the winners by medals on them is martyr Arîn Mîrkan’s picture, and thanking cards amid the atmosphere of celebration and love among the participants and the attendants.

In the same context, the member of the preparatory committee of the festival Dalar Dijwar said that the festival played a big role in granting young women confidence to show her role in many fields and women participated in the festival with high moral and collective spirits.

Dalar Dijwar assured that many young men got affected by the festival and demanded to participate in next festivals as it would include training courses to get ready for participation in the next festivals.

Dalar Dijwar concluded her speech by calling all young women to strive for their aspirations and undertake their roles in forming a free democratic society, and to head towards women centers and institutions and to join various activities.