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Arnaout woman participated in fate decisions”


MANBIJ- Malak Shaban from Arnaout people expressed her proudness for participating in the first constituent conference of Syrian Women Council and said “our rights were looted in the era of the oppressed regimes, and we are today taking the fate decisions by participation of the Arabs, Kurds and all components “. MINBIC-KONGIRA-JINE-1-300x200

The first constituent conference of Syrian Women Council was held in Manbij city in the weekend, and women of all Syrian peoples and cities participated in the conference under the slogan “the organized women is the base of decentralized, pluralistic and democratic Syria establishment”, and the participation of the Arnaout woman in the conference for the first time was noticeable.

Malak Shaban the Arnaout woman expressed her happiness for participating in the constituent conference for the first time beside Kurds, Arabs and the other Syrian peoples. Malak Shaban said “I am proud to participate in such a conference, and we as Arnaout people were denied  and our rights were looted”.

Malak Shaban continued saying “the gathering of these Syrian women of various peoples and doctrines is a good step to form a future Syria and future generation especially Syrian women that struggled to reach the excellent level”.

Malak Shaban concluded saying “our hope of this conference is great, and as women are the key of solving the Syrian revolution so forming this council would represent the voice of Syrian women all over Syria”.

The Arnaout people’s origins came from Bakur Kurdistan and they were migrated towards the Syrian north during the Ottoman Occupation, and most of Arnaout people live in Afrin and al-Shahba cantons.