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Art is talent and endless passion


QAMILSHLO – as a six-year child, he started drawing on the walls of his house, and watered his talent through the years with hard work, while he is about holding an exhibition about Amuda Cinema fire, he is preparing drawing syllabus for kids.

Samir Kalo is a 27-year-old painter from Qamishlo and lives in Hilaliya neighborhood, he could not continue his studies because of his financial problems, he used to like drawing since he was a child as he used to draw on his house’s wall and his notebooks.

Kalo recalls his memories with his mother when she would rebuke him for disobeying her and threaten to burn his drawings, he then would begin crying, and apologize and entreat her not to.QAMISLO-CAND-SAMIR-KALO (9)

Kalo participated in many competitions in Jazeera Canton and was always the winner among his friends, he also travelled to Damascus to apply for a job as a chef, after a while he was working in a five-star hotel.

Exceeding in his job, he also joined from 2008 to 2009 Hotel Institute, and participated in an exhibition to support Gaza after the Israeli attack with phosphoric weapons, and he got the fourth rank in Syria.

He was allowed after that to enter Fine Arts Faculty with a permission of the Syrian Pedagogy Ministry, due to the admiration of thousands of his drawings especially those drawn with charcoal, and his skill in showing lineaments.QAMISLO-CAND-SAMIR-KALO (8)

After finishing the military service in the Syrian army, and due to some financial difficulties, to travelled to Başur Kurdistan(South Kurdistan)to work as a chef, but no sooner than he got there that he longed to his art and city and came back as he said.

Being encouraged by his friends, he restarted his work even more determined, and began preparations for a new exhibition portraying the reality of Kurdistan.

In addition to 35 paintings, he worked as a decorator and drew on streets’ walls and kindergartens.

After his exhibition in Qamishlo was met with popularity, he prepared for two others, expressing the resistance of Rojava people during the revolution, and his drawings were shown in Martyr Hoker Center of Rojava Youth.   QAMISLO-CAND-SAMIR-KALO (7)

The third exhibition is about Amuda Cinema, while the fourth is about women’s resistance and free will specially those who participated in Kobani resistance.

Day after day, his popularity increased, and he opened afterwards a small atelier in the Western Neighborhood, and his drawings caught the attention of many.

broadening the range of his work, Kalo also started giving courses to encourage students into drawing, and had trained till now 8 groups using interesting methods.

Samir is preparing now for a bigger exhibition embodying the fire of Amuda Cinema, which left 283 children victims, and with the aid of some of his friends he could draw till now about 700 QAMISLO-CAND-SAMIR-KALO (3)drawings, in addition to thousands of martyrs and famous personalities’ drawings.

Samir Kalo said that he is extremely delighted at the visits of the city’s residents to watch his art done by charcoal, in turn he wishes to teach the following generations drawing to express the meanings of Rojava revolution on the walls of their houses and concluded saying art is a talent and an endless passion.