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Asayîş forces arrest a drug trafficking network


NEWS DESK- Asayîş forces has launched a wide-range operation against drug dealers network.

After search and investigation operation was begun, Asayîş forces launched on Tuesday an extensive campaign against drug traffickers in Qamishlo city.

Asayîş forces broke into 60 houses in Alaya, Kornish, Garbi, Qadour Bek, and Mahmaqiyah, during the break-in, Asayîş arrested 46 men and 6 women who were trafficking in drugs and distributing them in the community.

During search operations in the houses broken into, Asayîş could confiscate amount of pills, heroine, and leaves used to smell powder, a scale, in addition arms and ammunition were also found.

Among the arrested was somebody who was unconscious due to taking drugs.

In this context, Asayîş forces officials stated that investigations resulted in learning about others who are involved in trafficking drugs, and assured that they will be arrested soon.