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Asayîş trainees: training is an opportunity to build character



ALEPPO – The members of the Asayîş women who participated in the first training course in Aleppo noted that they were able to develop their character during the course, stressing that the course is an opportunity not to be missed so that they can build their character and protect their society and themselves.CEMILA HISEN

A number of women Asayîş forces members in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood said that the training course was a very important experience for them in terms of cultural, intellectual, political and military sides and the course left a positive impact on their personality.
During the meeting of the Hawar news agency in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood with a number of female members attending the training course to talk about the importance of the course, the member of the Asayîş forces, Jamila Hassan, said” this training course is the first one for women Asayîş forces in Aleppo. We were able to develop our thought and knowledge on new ideas we did not know in the past, training is important for every member to increase their knowledge and be able to undertake these responsibilities and tasks entrusted to them.CILAN EBDO

“During the course we gained the strong will and we were able to play our role in this course, especially women in Asayîş forces who need such training courses, such a course is an opportunity not to miss so that Asayîş members can protect their society and themselves,” she said.

“We managed to change our characters and develop our ideas through the course,” she said. “All women have to organize themselves and seek to train themselves to free themselves from the constraints that society has placed on them because training is the basis for building a free and conscious personality. “He said.ZEHRA MISLIM

It is worth mentioning that the Asayîş Martyrs Academy in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood ended today the first training course under the name of struggler Abu al-Nour which lasted for 35 days in a row as 25 members joined including 5 women.