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Asma Samsour: Martyr Sakina is a role model for all women


NEWS DESK – The Administrative of the Kurdish Women’s Association (KJK) Asama Samsour has commemorated the strugglers who were martyred in the massacre in Paris and said “Martyr Sara struggled with her deep thought and became an example for all women.”

On January 9, 2013, a massacre was committed in Paris that claimed the lives of the 3 Kurdish strugglers; one of the founders of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Sakina Cansiz (Sara), the Kurdish National Congress (KNK) representative in Paris Fidan Dogan (Rojbjin) and member of the Kurdish Youth Movement Leila Shaylemez (Ronahi).

KJK’s Administrative Asma Samsour spoke on the 5th anniversary of the martyrdom of the strugglers Sakina Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Lelia shaylemez to correspond with our agency.

In the Kurdish Women’s Association Asma Samsour explained that martyr Sakina Cansiz resisted the spirit of the vanguard woman at Amed prison and in all spheres of life against slavery and backward and reactionary mentality and became a role model for all women, and all the women of the world. The martyr Sara was growing old, but her spirit was overwhelmingly young. In life, she was moving in an organized way and she always said, “Move in an organized manner and fight.” She did not know fatigue. She worked as a system in all fields and struggled with her deep thought. She loved people and did not distinguish between them, she read the thoughts and feelings of others, and had a great power and knowledge. We knew the reality of the struggle and the resistance. She was discussing with all the women she met and then she was training them.”

She was struggling 24 hours

Asma Samsour, pointed to the style and method of the struggle of Sakina Cansiz, said: “Martyr Sara always fought against the feelings of slavery, and this struggle achieved women’s freedom. She was always struggling and working, the revolutionary woman who lived the revolution from the top of her head to the soles of her feet embodied in the character of the martyr Sarah. The struggle of the martyr Sara had an impact on the struggle of the struggling woman.”

She changed the wrong life

Asma Samsour said that the martyr Sakina Cansiz since the founding of the freedom movement to the present day has influenced millions of people. The young people living in Europe knew about the freedom movement through the character of comrade Sara. The comrade had a good impact on society in Paris as well. The women there said the comrade Sara was their companion. They take her words as an example. She changed the wrong life according to the principles of the freedom movement and it strengthened the spirit of resistance and the thought of freedom in the people living with it.

They wanted to hide the massacre

Commenting on the statement of the Co–chair of Kurdish Society Association on the outcome of the revolutionary martyr Sakina Cansiz’s operation, Asma Samsour said “The Paris massacre was carried out in cooperation with international intelligence and showed the great animosity of the Kurdish people,” said Asma Samsour. Paris massacre was carried out by Omar Konay and was killed in prison. The Turkish state wanted to kill Omar Konay to close the case file and hide the crime. This fact was revealed after the arrest of high-profile officials and Turkey received a serious blow. They seem to be afraid of women who are avant-garde and struggle because they know that a healthy society is built by a struggling woman.”

Asma went on with her speech “In Bakur Kurdistan, 3 strugglers were also targeted, including Sevê, Pakîze û Fatima, and they were killed. In the face of these massacres, the people rose up in all the cities and went into the squares. They want these massacres to silence the voice of women and rob their power, the people who came to the squares are the heroes of the freedom movement and have responded to the practices of the occupiers and are still revolting against those practices.

They cannot impede vanguard women

At the end of her speech, Asma Samsour said: “In the spirit of a good comrade, the victories and gains in Rojava, the uprisings in Rojhilat and Başûr are also led by women. We must read the martyr Sara and know her well and follow her footsteps in life.”