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Attack on Afrin foiled, attacks on al-Shahba repelled  

AL-SHAHBA/AFRIN- People Protection Unit and Women Protection Unit (YPG, YPJ) foiled an attack launched by the mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham on Afrin canton, as well as the fighters of Jaish al-Thuwar (Rebels’ Army) repelled the Turkish attack on al-Shahba areas.EFR-IRESA-CETAN-SER-GUNDI-SIREWA-U-CIBDRESE ‫(121504263)‬ ‫‬

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are still launching attacks on Afrin canton villages and al-Shahba areas, but YPG, YPJ and Jaish al-Thuwar are repelled these attacks.

The mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusrah and Ahrar al-Sham who are stationed at Sam’an Citadel resumed their attacks that were accompanied by bombardment on Basofan, Bashamrah and Berj Suleiman villages in Sherawa district, and Şehîd Şêlan and Tal Zab hills in Çelemê village in Jendairs district since 00:00 till Thursday morning.

The mercenaries targeted YPG and YPJ points and civilians’ houses in the mentioned villages while the protection units resisted the mercenaries’ attacks.EFR-IRESA-CETAN-SER-GUNDI-SIREWA-U-CIBDRESE ‫(121504261)‬ ‫‬

The bombardment caused damage in the civilians’ houses, agricultural lands and trees.

YPG military sources stated that the mercenaries intensified their movements and increased their elements in order to launch fierce attacks on the canton, and the mercenaries targeted the units’ points as the fighters repelled and foiled the attack on Sherawa and Jendairs districts.

While in al-Shahba areas, Hawar news agency reporter in the area stated that the Turkish occupation mercenaries who are positioned in Mare’ town and Kel Jebreen village targeted Jaish al-Thuwar’s sites in Minag and its surroundings using heavy weapons, but the fighters speeded to respond.

Afrin canton villages and al-Shahba areas are witnessing a cautious calm since Thursday morning.