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Attacks from various axes, YPG, YPJ responded

AFRIN- The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries escalated their attacks on Afrin region, and People Protection Units (YPG) and Women Protection Units responded firmly to the sources of fire, in conjunction with an intensive flight of the Turkish occupation drones over the area.

According to military sources related to YPG, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries bombarded with 7 Obis shells in parallel with firing medium-caliber bullets at the villages of the Sherawa district indiscriminately. There is no information about the damage inflicted to the mercenaries.

The Turkish occupation army targeted from its positions on the border the villages and hills of Bulbul district in Rajo area in Rojava territory “West Kurdistan” with 6 Obis shells and 12 mortars, accompanied by shooting fire with Dushka weapons. The fighters of the protection units responded with heavy weapons to the sources of fire, without knowing whether there were losses in the ranks of the occupation army or not.

In the context of this, the mercenaries from the village of Keljebreen in the occupied areas of Shahba shelled, by evening, the hill of Allah in the canton of Shahba with five mortars causing no damage.

YPG responded to the targeting of the mercenaries to the hills of Qastal, Ain Daqneh and Baflon in Shara district, there is no information about the results of the clashes.

A mortar that was launched from Samaan Citadel by the Turkish mercenaries fell in the village of Basofan village in Sherawa district. That was accompanied by shooting fire at the village with light weapons. YPG intervened and responded to the source of the fire.

And coinciding with this escalation by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the territory of Afrin, drones of the Turkish occupation army hover over the region.