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Avrin hospital administration handed over martyrs, wounded file to Basur Parliament Delegation



AFRIN – the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament visited Avrin Hospital to carry out the conditions of injured by the bombing of the Turkish occupation army on Afrin, and the hospital management handed the delegation a file on the number of martyrs and wounded, to hand them to the United Nations and the concerned organizations.EFRIN-NIXSXANA-AVRIN (1)

After the press conference held by the delegation of Kurdistan region Parliament, who entered Afrin on Sunday evening, in front of the Executive Council in Afrin canton, and their participation in the martyrs ceremony, the delegation visited Avrin hospital in the city to carry out the situation of the wounded of the Turkish aggression on Afrin, about 480 wounded, mostly children, women and old.

During the visit, Avrin hospital management explained the situation of the wounded, and the most difficulties facing them at this stage, the lack of emergency materials, due to the large number of wounded.

The delegation explained that the sons of Basur “south of Kurdistan” and the Parliament of the region greet Resistance to the age in Afrin, and that Afrin has become a fortress of resistance and steadfastness and this resistance has become a symbol of the Kurdish people and all oppressed peoples.

During the visit, Avrin hospital administration handed over a file of the number of civilian martyrs who lost their lives as a result of the Turkish aggression on Afrin, which exceeded more than 160 civilians, mostly children and women, and handed them over to the United Nations Parliament and the concerned organizations.

The hospital administration also thanked the Kurdistan Regional Parliament delegation and praised their efforts to support Afrin resistance.