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Bab refugees” Turkey is changing demography of our region


AFRIN- Bab refugees said that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are working on dividing the Syrian lands and changing its demography, whilst Afrin canton is receiving every day refugees.omer-mihemed

Hundreds of refugees fleeing the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries’ attacks are daily flooding to Afrin canton crossing the Qatma entry east of the canton.

On Saturday, 350 refugees from Qabasin town and Bab regions entered the canton.

Omar Muhamad, a citizen from Qabasin town affiliated to Bab said that they completely refuse the Turkish occupation of their eli-henus-salihregions” we condemn the Turkish occupation of Syrian lands and refuse their inhuman acts against the Syrian people, Turkey and ISIS are seeking to displace us and replace the region with strangers instead.

Ali Hanosh al-Saleh another citizen of Bab decried the Turkish occupation and called it illegal, and assured that they would not accept this occupation and shelling on Shahba under any circumstances.    mihemed-sex-hemo

Al-Saleh called the Security Council to put an end to the Turkish aggressive practices against Shahba.

Muhamad Sheikh Hamo in charge of the service checkpoint in the eastern entry of the canton said that they are daily receiving hundreds of refugees fleeing the Turkish occupation to safer regions and added” most refugees come from Shahba and Bab in particular, and we are providing them with facilities they need after completing security measures”.



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