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Başûr Kurdistan Politicians: Parliament must hold emergency session on Afrin


NEWS DESK- Politicians from Başûr Kurdistan said that the Parliament of Başûr Kurdistan region have to be hold an emergency meeting, and to announce his support for Afrin.abdulrahman-ali

The reaction of the Turkish occupation army to the attacks on Afrin increased. In this context, the parliamentarians of Goran Shirko Hama Amin movement, and Abdul-Rahman Ali said, “How do the Guerilla support Jeloula and Khanaqin when IS mercenaries launched an attack against it, and whenever the Peshmerga went to Kobani, The same situation must be taken with regard to Afrin

Where Abdul Rahman Ali has condemned Turkish state attacks on Afrin, and pointed out that the Turkish state is seeking by all means to the Kurds do not get their rights, and sees the gains achieved in Rojava threat to him, “We must not remain silent about those forces that divided Kurdistan, especially Turkish state, and we must not remain silent about the Turkish state’s attacks on Rojava, which is trying to occupy the region.

“When the mercenaries launched their attacks on Kobani, Başûr Kurdistan region government met, provided aid and sent the Peshmerga to Kobani, and now also requires the declaration of a state of emergency in Başûr Kurdistan, and give the necessary assistance to Rojava and Afrin,” he said. The Kurds have to activate the necessary diplomacy, in order to stand up to the attacks of the Turkish state on Rojava, and therefore I appeal to the President of the current parliament to hold an urgent meeting in this regard. “rko-hama-amin

Sherko Hama Amin: The Turkish state has publicly asserted that it is against the establishment of a Kurdish entity, and the Turkish state has always practiced policies of denial and annihilation against the Kurds, but so far has not reached its goals, and promoted and Rojava is a good example on that. In Rojava the Kurds, Arab, Syriac, and the other components have built a democratic system and the international forces support this democratic system, and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are showing great resistance against mercenaries. Therefore, the attacks against Afrin and Rojava will not undermine this democratic system and prevent it. And we in our turn have to condemn these attacks, and this is a violation of Syria’s sovereignty, And interference in its internal affairs, Turkey is heading towards the abyss in this practice.

The most rational and best solution for Turkey is to solve its problems through negotiations and dialogues, because it is sure that Rojava and North Syria will win. As Kobani win, Afrin and North Syria will win, and as Başûr Kurdistan has done his duty with Kobani it must do the same thing to Afrin, and as the Guerilla supported Jelula and Khanaqin, Afrin must be supported also and more, and Başûr Kurdistan must do its duties in this regard.