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Battal: After Idlib will be a stage to mix cards , re-alliances


NEWS DESK- A member Executive Body in Syrian National Democratic Alliance, Ali Battal said that the victories achieved in northern Syria have thwarted all the plans of Turkish state and the government of Erdogan, and the aftert Idlib will be to mix the cards and alliances in Syria, especially in the north, and any agreement that believes in the rights and aspirations of people in the north of Syria will be Solution for other areas.

This came in an exclusive statement to Hawar news agency on the threats and attacks of Turkish occupation to Rojava and northern Syria,

“The goal of Erdogan’s regime is clear to all since the beginning of Syrian revolution in its attempt to to establish the Bantum areas, ie the buffer, but the peaceful revolution in the north by its components has thwarted that malicious scenario planned by Erdogan. “.

As for Turkey’s goals of occupying Idlib region, Battal said: “The objective of Idlib’s operation is Erdogan’s concerns about the possibility of connecting the northern regions of Syria with the Kurdish majority, because any acquisition of the rights of Kurdish component in Syria will inevitably affect the cause of Kurdish people in Turkey, There are about 25 million people. “

He pointed out that Turkey has worked to implement this plan in Idlib to secure the silence of the Russians and made understandings with them on the other hand has met with Iranians who also have fears of the Kurds, the other is concerned about the Kurdish people cause and there live in Iran more than 12 million Kurds on their historic land, In this way, Turkey secured the acceptance of these two parties and their allies to establish tension reduction areas that Turkey invested for its interests and scenarios and invested in meetings on Syria in its favor, such as Astana talks and others.

He stressed that these movements of Turkey all came to introduce the Syrian north under the Turkish commandments in all aspects of security, economic and political because the geographical location is distinct and has a geographical continuity extends to the Mediterranean Sea in the west and in good depth.

Ali said during his speech that the objectives of Turkey’s operations in all its aspects in Syria are for the following:

“- Face the Kurds and not allow them to take their natural rights and try to thwart their democratic experience in northern Syria, which will be the beacon of Syria and Middle East in resolving outstanding issues.

– The establishment of military points in Idlib and Tripoli and Jrablous , Ezaz is to siege Afrin city and weaken the Kurdish forces and other revolutionary factions affiliated under the roof of Syrian Democratic Forces in Afrin and Alshahba.

He stressed that all plans of Turkey in fact are aimed only to eliminate the aspirations of the Kurdish liberation, and wants to eliminate the Kurdish forces and all the revolutionary factions affiliated under the roof of Syrian Democratic Forces and thereby trying to break the arm of America’s support for Kurds, and approached the Russians and Iranians and seeks to unite Their views to confront the Kurds supported by America in Syria and hit the federal project based on the principle of peoples fraternity.

A member Executive Body inSyrian National Democratic Alliance, Ali Battal  concluded his speech we can say that the region is at the stage of mixing the cards and alliances in Syria, especially in the north, and any agreement that guarantees the rights and aspirations of the people in the north of Syria will be the solution for the rest of the regions.