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‘Battle of Afrin will change path of events for benefit of peoples’


QAMIŞLO-The deputy governor of al-Jazeera canton Shikmus Moses, said that the battle of Afrin is like the battle in Stalingrad and Dien Bien Phu in Russia and Vietnam, and it would change the path of events for the benefit of the peoples.

Moses spoke to the Hawar news agency about the attack by the Turkish occupation army and its terrorists on Afrin, and the historic resistance shown by the people of Afrin.

Moses recalled at the beginning the martyrs who have watered the land of Afrin with their pure blood in defense of the dignity of our Kurdish people and all the peoples of the world.

He said “the brutal Turkish aggression on Afrin more than three weeks indicates conclusively that the Seljuk Erdogan has declared war on the Kurdish people, and on all peoples in northern Syria.”

Moses summarized the objectives of the Turkish aggression with a number of points, “the most important of which is to fight the Kurdish people to prevent their legitimate rights. And hit our democratic and federal project and the fraternity of the peoples within the concept of the democratic nation. And also aims to export its internal and external failure .

‘Turkey is a big prison for patriots and Democrats’

He added “Turkey has become a great prison for all patriots and democrats,” he said. “Since the coup, thousands of our people and all patriots and democrats have been imprisoned in Turkish prisons and every national democratic voice has been overthrown by a new dictatorship.”

‘Battle of Afrin, similar to the battles of Stalingrad and Dian Bien phu, which changed the path of the war’

Moses said “The battle of Afrin resembles many battles in history and I remember two major battles, the battle of Stalingrad, which changed the path of the war in Russia, led to the defeat of the Nazi forces, and the Battle of Dian Bien Phu in Vietnam, which changed the path of the war in Vietnam. The Vietnamese people have gained their independence and dignity. “