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Bayik: solutions will be discussed after al-Raqqa liberation 

NEWS DESK- Jamil Bayik said” Kurds have become a peace and war force in the Middle East, and the solution will be considered and discussed after al-Raqqa city liberation, since it is a crucial point to reach a democratic system in Syria, this system means the collapse of Erdogan-Bahçelî fascism.

The Kurdistan Communities Union’s Co-Chair Jamil Bayik evaluated the developments in the region in an interview with News Channel TV.

Bayik in his evaluation touched upon the Qateri crisis and noted that Qatar by its financial resources dispersed Arabs on the one hand, and has armed the mercenaries thus strengthening terrorism in the area on the other hand, Qatar implemented this majorly through Erdogan, Bayik added” since they are partners in the crimes, the Turkish president Erdogan is supporting Qatar.

Jamil also said that Kurds have become a force of peace and war in the Middle East, noting that after al-Raqqa liberation solutions will come to the façade, Bayik pointed out” reaching a democratic system in Syria means the collapse of Erdogan-Bahçelî fascism.