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Bedouin nomads fromHoms Badia toal-Raqqa city ,complain about difficulty raising livestock


GIRESIPI-The refugees bedouin nomads from badia in Homs Governorate and residing in al-Raqqa ountryside who are suffering from high prices and monopoly of traders and lack of the rain and appealed to livestock farmers to provide the necessary supporting  them to overcome this crisis.REQA-KOGBAR-ZAHMTI DIKSINI-JE -BER -BARANI (2)

The bombing of the Russian regime and aviation over the past year to displace hundreds of nomadic families from Badia Homs to the safe areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) from grip IS gangs  in al-Raqqa countryside

Livestock breeding is the main source of livelihood for nomads. Livestock farmers complain about the low prices of livestock on the one hand and the high price of feed and the lack of rain on the other. The price of kilo grams of barley used as feed is 130 Syrian pounds.

Which led to a decline in cattle breeding by 40% as a result of high education costs and low prices in the market and the monopoly of traders for feed, taking advantage of weather conditions and lack of rainfall during the past two years.

Hawar news agencyANHA  interviewed with Sulaiman al-Koloud and Samir Sulaiman 2  refugees from the desert of Homs are currently living in al-rajam al-Abyed in the countryside of Nothern al- Raqqa

“We fled the bombing of the regime and the Russian war planes in search of safety and  wwe are suffering  from the cost of feed and low price of sheep in the absence of rain by winter, which led us to sell a number of our cattle at low prices to provide the cost of breeding the remaining part of us.”

Sulaiman al-Khuloud and Samir al-Sulaiman appealed to those in charge to help overcome the crisis they are currently experiencing, because cattle breeding provides a large part of the livestock in the region.