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Between Turkısh states and ISIS Meeting in Tebqa

NEWS DESK – Turkish state which launches itself as fighting against Daesh gangs, had a meeting with the gangs in Tabqa. It was reported that Turkish state promised to give support against advancing SDF fighters.

Turkish state began invading Shahba region on the pretext of fighting against Daesh on August 24, 2016. Many civilians were killed, thousands of apartments and workplaces have been ruined during 5 months of invasion attacks.

Turkish state continues its invasion play in Shahba region. In spite of launching itself as fighting against Daesh gang, Turkish state made a meeting with Daesh gangsters in Tabqa. It is stated that, in the meeting which was attended by representatives of Arabian tribes, Turkish state pledged to help against SDF fighters advancing to Raqqa.

During the meeting people were warned to stand against SDF fighters and the tribes in the region were asked to make a declaration against the existence of SDF fighters.

Turkish officers were reported to be dressed as Daesh gangs. Sources said that there is a movement to found a Sunni state against Kurdish people.

Another source informing our agency said, gangs from Euphrates Shield operation are brought to Tabqa.