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Blood flowed instead of tears-1


The Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) sold Şengal for money.

QAMIŞLO- The Yazidi women that were liberated by Women Protection Units (YPJ) stated that KDP forces left them alone during IS attack on Şengal and said “IS said to us that Peshmerga sold you for money, and instead of going to Kirkuk, we came to Şengal”

As the Yazidis were kept at IS hands, the Kurdish women again exposed to cultural and physical smelting policies on the hands of IS mercenaries and the Kurdish Democratic Party forces. By various filthy actions and means, IS sold the Yazidi women, and exploited women as if they are trophies as it was in the age of slavery.

The Yazidi women that were liberated by YPG, YPJ talked about what happened to them.


My name is Tirko Girê Balî. I am at 27. I am from Gir Shabab in Sinoon. IS attacked Şengal, when we were trying to escape, the mercenaries of IS caught us.


The mercenaries said to us “Peshmerga sold you to us for money, and instead of heading towards Kirkuk, we came to Şengal”.

Firstly, they transmitted us from Sinoon to Tal Afar, and from there to Badosh prison. After the area exposed to bombardment, we were taken back to Tal Afar.

After we have stayed in Iraq for 3 months, they took us to al-Raqqa. From al-Raqqa, they moved us to al-Shadady, and then to Girê Sipî. After that, they again took us to al-Raqqa”.

Siham Khider Khalaf

I am 14 years old, and from Dogirê. Peshmerga said to us “do not flee”, and then they deceived and left us. We attempted to flee IS, but we could not and were kept at their hands.

Siham Khader Xelef

After we were kept in IS hands, they took us to Dogirê school, and then they isolated men from women, and they said to us that they killed men and women. While we asked them about the reason of all these, they said “Peshmerga sold you to us”.

After that, they transmitted us to Badosh prison, and to Tal Afar, and from Tal Afar to the Syrian al-Raqqa city. at the beginning, they sold me to a man called Abu Bakir al-Jazrawy, and I have been forced to stay with him for 8 days. Then, Abu Bakir al-Jazrawy sold me to another mercenary called Abu Muhammad al-Jazrawy, and I was forced to stay there nearly a month. After that, he also sold me to another mercenary called Abu Fatum al-Jazrawy, and he also kept me about a month. Then, he also sold me to Abu Khatab al-Jazrawy. At the end and after a month of keeping me with him, Abu Fatum sold me to the mercenary Abu Zubeid al-Shami. After that, I fled”.

Siham Suleiman

I was at 16 when I was kidnapped by IS gangs. The reason of that was Peshmerga because they said to us “do not flee, do not leave your houses, IS would not do anything to you”.


After I was captured, I have stayed in Mosul for 2 days. Then, they moved me to al-Shadady in Syria, and there, they sold me to a mercenary from Libya. He took me to Deir ez-Zor, and I have been stayed with him for a month. After that, he sold me to another mercenary called Abdullah.

After Abdullah was killed, I was sold to another mercenary called Abu Faraj al-Liby, and he was the chief of a headquarter in Deir ez-Zor city, and I have stayed with him for about half and a year.

We moved from Deir ez-Zor to an area near to al-Bab in Aleppo, and there, Abu Faraj sold me to another mercenary called Abu Suleiman. This mercenary was from al-Raqqa so I was moved with him to al-Raqqa, and I have stayed a day with this mercenary. After that, I fled”.

Ghazal Saleem Khillo

The mercenaries of IS kidnapped Ghazal Saleem Khillo and her husband and two children of her. The mercenary moved them to Tal Afar, and after 8 months, they kept Ghazal away from her

Ghazali Selim free

husband as her husband was taken to Mosul. While she and her two children were put in a prison in al-Raqqa. After her staying in al-Raqqa for nearly two months, she was taken back to Mosul, and has stayed in Mosul for 8 months. Then, she again was taken to al-Raqqa, and less than 10 days of her reaching al-Raqqa, she was liberated from IS mercenaries.


“I am from Hardana village in Şengal. I have stayed for two years in IS mercenaries’ hands.

The mercenaries of IS kidnapped my whole family and took them, and till now I do not know anything about them. I have stayed alone. We faced many insults and fierce policies on the hands of IS, and my children were kept without food and drink “.