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Blood flowed instead of tears-2

A painful story of a Yazidi girl liberated by YPJ from IS


QAMIŞLO- A girl survived IS capture narrated that Yazidi women preferred drowning to staying in IS hands.

Wafaa Mash’al Salem is a Yazidi woman who was kidnapped by IS mercenaries during Şengal massacre. Wafaa was liberated by YPJ during Wrath of Euphrates campaign for liberating al-Raqqa. Waffa narrates her story, her sister and aunt’s that they preferred drowning to staying in the clutches of IS mercenaries.

In a video was published by IS, the mercenaries of IS were capturing men and women of Kojo village in Şengal in the school of the village holding flags and chanting slogans that glorified God to intimidate people. Then, IS mercenaries fiercely isolated women from men.

The girl Wafaa Salem Mash’al was at 17 when she was kidnapped by IS, and she also was brought to the same school. After she has been captured for 3 years, she was liberated and rescued from IS mercenaries by YPJ fighters.

Within their participation in Wrath of Euphrates campaign for liberating al-Raqqa, the fighters of YPJ rescued dozens of women who were kidnapped by IS mercenaries.

Waffa said that the mercenaries of IS encircled Kojo village, and then, they gathered men and women in the upstairs, and isolated men from women. Then, they killed them. Wafaa said “my brother Sami Salem and my other two siblings were among those who were killed by the mercenaries of IS”.

After IS killed men, Wafaa and other 150 women that are at 17-50 in addition to their children were taken to Mosul. They have stayed in Mosul for three days. After that, women were isolated from girls.  I was at 17 so I was taken with girls to al-Raqqa.

About the fate of other women, Wafaa said, the mercenaries took them to Tal Afar. After that, their news was cut off.

No to Slavery

A farm was found in al-Raqqa; the mercenaries took it as a center for selling women. Waffa said “the mercenaries were coming daily to the farm, and taking and selling a woman. We were so afraid. we were threatened of being killed or burned if we refused to accompany them. They prevented us from talking and weeping”.


At that time, it was Wafaa’s turn as the mercenary Abu Qa’ Qa’ al-Jezrawi came to the farm and took Wafaa and her two sisters Hanan and Ghada and their aunt Zeina.

Wafaa talked about that with much pain “they put the handcuffs in our hands and put us in a car. At that time, we thought of fleeing. The car reached a bridge and decreased its speed. We preferred death so we threw ourselves in water. My aunt and sisters died in water while I survived and the mercenary save me out of the water and took us to a headquarter of them in al-Raqqa city”.

They were trading women

The member of Fatwa and Studying Divan related to the mercenaries of IS called Turkey Binali came to the headquarter and escorted Wafaa with him. She has stayed with him for a month. Wafaa said that Turkey Binali has married three women. He kept in touch with the leader of the mercenaries Abu Baker al-Baghdady.

When Turkey went to Mosul, he presented Wafaa to a mercenary called Abu Mos’ab al-Baheiny; he is one of caliphate army mercenaries. Abu Mus’ab has kept Wafaa with himself for 6 months. Then, he sold her to the mercenary Abu Walladah al-Bahreiny as he has kept her with him for two years and she bore him a baby girl called Omayma and she is a year old.

Abu Walladah took Wafaa to the public hospital in al-Raqqa city as women and sisters of the mercenaries were being deposited in that hospital till they got married. Abu Omar al-Shami was managing the hospital.

Wafaa said that she has stayed in the hospital for two months. Then a mercenary called Abu Jamil al-Hendawi came and took her with him. Wafaa said about that “Abu Jamil al-Hendawi is married from a Yazidi woman called Ikhlas Khaled Ali, and he has two children from her Milad and Majed. Wafaa faced a great oppression on the hand of Abu Jamil.

Despite all the oppression she faced, Wafaa did not lose hope to be liberated from IS clutches. The fighters of YPJ finally rescued her within Wrath of Euphrates campaign.