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Bombing on Afrin continues, revolutionary forces foil building posts in Shahba

AFRIN- The mercenary gangs of the Turkish occupation army which are stationed on the outskirts of Afrin canton are continuing bombing the area by missiles, while the fighters have foiled an attempt of the mercenaries to build their own guarding posts in the canton of Shahba.

According to a military source, mercenary gangs shelled the line from the village of Ein -Daqna in the Sherawa district of Afrin canton and Minag village in Shahba district with six mortar shells. The fighters in the People Protection Units (YPG) repelled with heavy weapons to the sources of the shelling

The mercenaries have also targeted the hill of Qastal in Shara district with medium arms, the fighters, in turn, responded to the bombing.

A shell fell on the Bani hill in the Janders on Sunday evening, without causing damage

The mercenaries tried to build a post on the side of the hill of Allah on the silos side of Shahba canton, but the Revolutionary Forces fighters have intervened immediately and targeted drilling operations to the mercenaries, which forced the mercenaries to retreat.