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“By aware women, we form aware society”

MANBIJ- Women Council in Abu Qalqal district in Manbij city launched a campaign as meetings would be held  in order to raise awareness among the area’s women under the slogan “By aware women, we would constitute an aware society”.

The council held a meeting for Tel Hozan village’s women which is southeast of Manbij, and dozens of women attended the meeting.

In the meeting, the administrative in Women Council of Women House in Abu Qalqal district in Manbij Nergiz Ismael delivered a speech saying “the rural, simple and sacrificed women need deep awareness and new social culture”.MINBIC-CIVINA-JINAN1 ‫(1)‬

Nergiz made it clear that they launched the campaign to provide women with support aiming at forming an aware society by women’ awareness. During these meetings, all the subjects related to women would be discussed.

Nergiz added “it is a great happiness that women would accept those discussions because they have been suffering since a long time the problem of expressing their ideas explicitly and clearly”.

According to the administrative members in Women House, the campaign’s aims would value women’s situations, and provide them with cultural and awareness programs in addition to holding periodical meetings for them to organize all women.

In addition, Women’s House would be the main supporter for women in Manbij, and all women’s issues and problems would be posed to be solved.

After Nergiz finished her speech, women discussed among themselves their living and social aspects, and they suggested to hold periodical and awareness meetings in all villages.

Furthermore, the campaign would last holding meetings for the women of Abu Qalqal district which is southern of Manbij city.