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By cooperative work, they repaired al-Nahda bridge



AIN ISSA- The people of the village of Nahda, is located northwest of the city of al- Raqqa, are repairing the bridge which is the only transportation way for farmers to cross into other areas, irrigate their agricultural crops and supply drinking water to the villages around.EYNISA-CIKIRINA-PENDAVA-EL-NEHDA (1)

No house, village or even water channels did escape the brutality of IS mercenaries who destroyed the bridge on the irrigation canal. The village of Salhbiya and Nahdha, northwest of the city of Raqqa, was closed and the irrigation channel, which was the only source on which the farmers in the area depend on irrigation of their agricultural crops, was destroyed by IS mercenaries. Because the economy of these areas depend on agriculture and drinking water insurance is a priority.

After liberating the region from IS mercenaries by Syrian Democratic Forces and the return of security to it, the people of the region met and agreed to repair the bridge. The cost of repairing the bridge was 2.5 million.

The importance of repairing al-Nahda bridge

The bridge is located on the Al Raha canal in Al Nahda village which is located 18 km northwest of al-Raqqa. The bridge is the only way for residents of the northern region to cross to agricultural land located at the other end of the water channel.

The bridge is the only way to cross the north to the south of the area, and is considered the only crossing out of the region and to go to the neighboring region

On the other hand, farmers in the area depend on irrigating their agricultural crops from irrigation canals which has negatively impacted the agricultural situation in the area after the cutting water as a result of damage to the bridge.

After repairing the bridge with a cooperative and self-participatory work by the people of the village of Nahda, they were able to open one way for the water channels which in turn reduced some of the burden on the farmers to irrigate their agricultural crops.EYNISA-CIKIRINA-PENDAVA-EL-NEHDA (3)

In this regard, one of the people of the village of Al-Nahda pointed out, Saleh Al-Abdullah, said that they were participating in the restoration of the bridge to its importance in the region, as farmers depend on it to irrigate their crops.

“I have personally supervised the rehabilitation of the entire bridge; the cost of repairing the bridge is 2.5 million Syrian pounds and the people of Nahda village donated this sum and some of the neighboring villages participated,” Saleh al-Abdullah said.

For his part, said Khaled al-Zaher, “the people started to run one way to provide drinking water for the people and irrigate agricultural land.

Khalid al-Zaher described the bridge as the artery of the area because it is the only crossing from the north to the south.