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By joy, Ain Issa children began first school day

AIN ISSA-  After seven years children have been cut off from schools, Ain Issa schools have been opened, and smiles and joy are spread among children for starting the new school year.EYN ISA-ZAROK-DICIN-DIBISTANA1 ‫(181273089)‬ ‫‬

More than 180 schools have been opened in Ain Issa district in Tel Abyad (Girê Sipî) canton in the Euphrates region, and more than 12,000 students have flocked towards them.

Thousands of students headed towards schools on Monday morning amid an atmosphere of joy spread among children for their returning to the schools after 7 years of deprivation because of the practices of mercenary gangs that ended the educational life in the entire area.

During a tour of Hawar news agency’s camera in the district’s schools, the teachers asked the competent bodies to provide the students with textbooks and stationeries.EYN ISA-ZAROK-DICIN-DIBISTANA1 ‫(1)‬

In addition, the director of the school Muhammad Ismael in Ain Issa district Mr. Muhammad al-Abdullah demanded the competent bodies to repair the classrooms and walls.

Furthermore, the students also expressed their happiness for their return to schools after they were prevented from frequenting their schools by the mercenaries.