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By new term, 16 thousand teachers teach in Cizîre region                  


RENAS REMMO                                                                                      

QAMISHLO- 1,950 schools opened in Cizîre(al-Jazeera) region to receive the students of elementary and preparatory levels in the new term, and the syllabuses of Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) will be taught, in addition to teaching the native language for each component.

The Education and Pedagogy Body in Cizîre canton have trained 16 thousand teachers to teach the new syllabuses in addition to the Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac languages.  QAM-SALA XWNDINE YE NO (3)

After the summer’s holiday finished, two thousand students from Cizîre region components went to their schools and after the Training Committee in the democratic social have changed the syllabuses last year where each component studied its native language in addition of English and French language.

This year, the Training Committee opened summer courses which lasted three months and in these courses they trained teachers to teach the syllabuses of DAA in addition to training teachers experts in teaching foreign languages and history, the geography, sport and the music.

The schools have been prepared to receive the new academic year, the DAA assigned 1.5 billion S.P to cover the schools’ needs, repair and rebuild the schools which had been destroyed by IS in the lately liberated sitesQAM-SALA XWNDINE YE NO (2)

Students of preparatory school will study the syllabuses of DAA after the success of education project in last year on the students of elementary school, and next year the secondary students will study the syllabus of DAA .