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By our Martyers’ souls in Kobani resistance, we would protect Afrin


AFRIN– A number of martyrs’ mothers in Afrin canton, whose children were martyred in the resistance of Kobani, said they would defend Afrin in a spirit of Kobani resistance.

In conjunction with the third anniversary of the World Day of Solidarity with Kobani in November 1, Hawar News Agency met in Afrin canton with the mothers of the martyrs whose children were martyred in the historic resistance of Kobani.EFRIN-NERINE-DAYIKIN-SEHID-KOBANIد (2)

The mother of the martyr Kendal Tîrêj, Alifa Sheikh Qanbar, said that his son participated in the ranks of the People’s Protection Units in order to defend the gains made by the blood of the finest young men and women of Rojava.

Sheikh Qanbar added that Kobani resistance is immortal in the heart of every free man looking for freedom. “Today I am proud of the martyrdom of my son who was a member of that history written in gold letters.”

It is noteworthy that the fighter in People Protection Units Mustafa Manan Khalil whose nom de guerre is Kendal Tîrêj was born in 1979, a resident of the village of Khalalka related to Bulbul district in Afrin canton participated in many battles against IS mercenaries.


In her turn, the mother of the martyr Xemgîn Judy, Asmahan Ahmed, congratulated the other peoples of the region on the International Day of Kobani Resistance and She pointed out that the liberation of Kobani was a historic turning point in defeating terrorism over the world thanks to the blood of the martyrs.

She added “Many parties tried to destabilize the region, but thanks to the historical resistance that took place in Kobani, the whole world knew that there are those who live in this land and do all they can to preserve their land and not bow to any creature.”

She added “Some countries, headed by Turkey, threaten the security and stability of Afrin canton and want to occupy it, and we confirm our steadfastness in the canton alongside the People Protection Units.” She added that “the blood of the children of north Syria mixed in order to protect the lands of Kobani and so will be Afrin.”

It is noteworthy that the martyr Xemgîn Judy, born in 1993, from the Afrin canton, at the beginning of Rojava revolution joined People Protection Unites in Aleppo city in Ashrafieh neighborhood, and when the fighting intensified in Kobani he decided with a group of his comrades to go to Kobani and fight IS mercenaries.