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By Seyfo massacre, they wanted to remove Christianity


QAMIŞLO- The vicar Sam’an al-Issa who is a priest in the Virgin Marry Church in Tirbê Sipîyê city stated that the church has chosen the day of June 15 as an ecclesiastical and national day for all Christians to condemn for Seyfo massacre victims. Moreover, Sam’an al-Issa assured that the massacre’s aim was to exterminate Christianity.

The Christians in Rojava attended on Friday the 102nd anniversary of Seyfo massacre as the date of the anniversary has been turned to June 15 instead of April 24. In the same context, Hawar news agency interviewed a priest in Virgin Marry Church in Tirbê Sipîyê city the vicar Sam’an al-Issa who condemned the international silence about this massacre.

The vicar Sam’an al-Issa described Seyfo massacre as genocide and said “the genocide of inveterate people have a history and a glory”, and who committed the massacre wanted to make the Syriac, Assyrian, Chaldean people and also the Armenian people’s history unknown. In addition, “the matter is not national as much as regional, they wanted to remove Christianity and also the ancient Assyrian nation”.

Moreover, the vicar stated “the church set June 15 for the anniversary under the order of the head of the church holiness the patriarch to make it an international day in all countries”.

The vicar Sam’an al-Issa concluded saying “those who deny their committing the massacre are still supporting IS mentality and terrorism; it is the mentality of genocide” in a reference to the Turkish occupation state.